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CineVivo is a concept-tool for live visual performance where code-text can become a second layer of communication and visual information. CineVivo is a mini-language ongoing development (on top of OpenFrameworks/c++) by Celeste Betancur. This concept-tool has also been explored and exploded by connecting it with other open sources platforms such as Supercollider, Chuck, PureData, and Tidalcycles using OSC protocol and a fully customizable interaction language. - Source code
CineVivo: a mini-language for live-visuals - ICLC '19 

Workshop on CineVivo/Orbits, delivered by mexican video artist Jessica Rodriguez. Archived from the livestream of the 2019 Live Coding Intensive in the Networked Imagination Laboratory, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

Functionality test and example for the NIME '18 performance by Jack Armitage "Lil data" and Celeste Betancur. Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech, VA. USA.


CQenze is a minilanguage designed to make musical (or color) patterns that uses an implicit cyclic timing (Tidal :), and a variation = that being also cyclic synchronizes musical events 'strictly'. Build on top of chuck language, uses chuck real-time audio capabilities.
Now, CQenze lives in the Estuary at McMaster University servers. - Source code - Design discussion

9 years old coder livecoding using CQenze mini language / protocol, a DSL on top of Chuck.

Live coding session using CQenze (music), Extramuros (web and text editor) and openframworks (visuals).


Chmusick (Chuck + music) is a library to make chuck language an Algorave (loop, rithmic based) language. - Source code - Design and implementation

Video Description

Video Description

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