Machina - Reinvent the human-machine experience

Project that explores ways of HMI using natural language, AI and disruptive design to add some artist view and divergent approaches for the human machine interactions.


Dancing Interface and body cyborg AI driven controller.

Light interaction using mechanic components and screens itselfs as controllers.

Cinevivo Artistic collective and research group

Semillero Cinevivo is part of the ITM (Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano) from Medellin-Colombia. Celeste has been producing and designing software and physical interfaces for the live performances of the group.

Software developer
Interface designer - Web page

Video Description

Video Description

Festival ART

Festival ART is a festival that takes place in Medellin CO. 

Artistic Director 
Organizer - Web page

Festival ART

Festival ART 

Talks and workshops in art, algorithms and learning

In Spanish. Workshop "Programar no es como lo pintan" (Coding isn't what they said)

In Spanish. Talk and demo session "hocus pocus: programa tus ritmos, la programación y el aprendizaje en niños" (hocus pocus: code some rhythms, coding and learning in k-12)

Mobirise free maker - See it